Wildlife Refuges

Established in 1903, the National Wildlife Refuge System has grown to include more than 150 million acres, 553 national wildlife refuges and 38 wetland management districts. The four wildlife refuges in Cameron Parish provide great fishing, exploring, hunting and relaxation for visitors.

Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge

Engage in wildlife exploration at the Visitor Center featuring state-of-the-art dioramas as well as over-water boardwalk. Visit the 3-mile drive featuring a half mile accessible boardwalk with viewing scopes. It is a great place for waterfowl viewing during the winter.

1428 Hwy. 27
Sweetlake 29° 58' 24.042" N, 93° 5' 19.1436" W
(337) 598-2216

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224 Indian Point Rd.
Grand Chenier, LA 70643 70643 29° 45' 56.4588" N, 92° 55' 14.7684" W
Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge

Consisting of 35,000 acres of marsh and prairie, Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge is a great location for birding and exploring. Open for freshwater fishing March 15th through October 15th each year. Four mile wildlife trail with observation tower within a freshwater marsh impoundment. Excellent year round wildlife observation and photography area. Multiple kiosks with interpretive information. Port-o-lets available at Lacassine Pool.

209 Nature Rd.
Lake Arthur 30° 0' 34.128" N, 92° 46' 57.9432" W
Open year round, sunrise to sunset.
(337) 598-2216

Three mile driving loop through moist soil wetlands managed by the US Fish & Wildlife Service to provide feeding/resting habitat for wintering waterfowl. Excellent viewing of a variety of wildlife (lots of alligators!) as well as migratory birds year round. Huge waterfowl populations for viewing and photography opportunities in the fall and winter. There is a also a half mile accessible boardwalk with viewing scopes.

Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge
Bell City 29° 56' 45.8808" N, 93° 5' 5.3808" W
Open year round, sunrise to sunset.
(337) 598-2216

Established in 1920, Rockefeller Refuge originally encompassed 86,000 acres of wilderness. Due to coastal erosion, less than 76,000 acres currently remain. The refuge boasts the highest alligator nesting densities in the United States. Visit Price Lake Nature Drive, a five-mile drive into Rockefeller Refuge where you can observe a wide variety of wildlife and birds from the road or from an observation tower. Other activities at Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge include bird watching, shrimp, crabbing and fishing.

5476 Grand Chenier Hwy.
Grand Chenier 29° 43' 59.142" N, 92° 49' 51.0744" W
Refuge Office is open 7 am - 5:30 pm, Mon.-Fri.; Refuge is open from dawn to dusk
(337) 491-2593