May to September is the prime crabbing time in Cameron Parish. Stop by a local store and pick up some thick string, good bait - turkey necks, chicken necks, cut fish or meat chunks - a dip net and bucket or ice chest. Tie your bait to the end of the string, toss into the water and wait for a slight tug. Slowly pull in your line and be ready to scoop up your crab!

Top Crabbing Locations

Sabine National Wildlife Refuge Recreation Areas (LA 27 West)

Blue Crab Recreation Area – N 29.878922 W 93.425564

Hog Island Gully Recreation Area – N 93.425564 W 93.383680

Northline Recreation Area – N 29.920914 W 93.381439

West Cove Recreation Area – N 93.383680 W 93.453929Rockefeller Refuge (LA 82 East)

Small bridges over roadside canals    

Recreational Licenses

  • A basic and saltwater recreational fishing license or a Wild Louisiana Stamp is needed to crab on wildlife management areas or refuges. A basic and saltwater recreational fishing license is needed to crab with nets and traps.
  • If you are not on a wildlife management area or refuge you may crab with a line or string without a license.

For all the details on recreational licenses, including crabbing, fishing and hunting please visit the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries website or